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December 5th, 2013

Design Futures presents Just A Moment

Design Futures is the annual forecast series from New Black Global Trends.  Just a Moment is the fifth edition of the series and since its release in September has been presented in London, Amsterdam and Brussels to inform global forecasts for 2014/15.

Just a Moment asks us to take the time to look again at familiar stereotypes that are undergoing profound change.

Baby Boomers are redefining aging.

Men are redefining retail.

Product designers are redefining craftsmanship.

And consumers are redefining value from product to experience.

Just a Moment examines the key areas of change for 2014-15 in the three themes: Grey Gold, Good Sir and Make Time.

Grey Gold - from Design Futures 5th edition - Just A Moment

Grey Gold

Nobody puts Baby Boomers in a corner! As the youngest of this generation turns 50, their disposable income and purchasing power is turning up the volume and giving a strong voice to a previously quiet and retiring demographic.


Good Sir - from Design Futures 5th edition - Just A Moment

Good Sir

Men are redefining retail in 2014 as traditional purchasing habits go the way of conservative stereotypes of masculinity and gender.  Millennial men are active and creative fathers, involved in all aspects of home and parenting.


Make Time - from Design Futures 5th edition - Just A Moment


Make Time

Workshops and classes are the new indulgence as the focus shifts from owning to doing.  A passion for knowledge and skill draws us into the experience and the end product becomes the memento.  Making as mindfulness.


In-house presentations of the Just A Moment forecast and associated colour palettes are available exclusively through New Black.  For more information on the Design Futures series contact

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