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  • ColourEd is the chosen colour quality service provider of New Black Global Trends.

    Since its formation in 1991, ColourEd has provided a comprehensive industrial colour management service to a wide range of clients from the textile, plastics, automotive and printing industries.

    ColourEd’s consultants work closely with technical, design and production staff to provide training consistent with the technology and skill level required, with particular emphasis on a thorough understanding of the basic principles of colour perception, colour measurement, colour specifying and quality control.

    Programs can be designed for all skill and experience levels from operator to quality management and design.

    Colour vision and aptitude testing is one of the main services provided.  ColourEd will undertake on site testing of personnel involved in colour matching and approval.

    Tests undertaken include Ishihara, Munsell and ISCC Colour Aptitude with a comprehensive report on all results.