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  • Colour Visions - Decoration + Design Melbourne 2012

    Life Instyle Sydney 2014

    Alone Together - Decoration + Design Melbourne 2011


    Alone Together - Decoration + Design 2011

    A Shared Table - Decoration+Design, Sydney 2011

    Storytellers - DesignEX, Sydney 2010

    Panorama - DesignEX, Melbourne 2009

    Developing exhibition feature events from concept to realisation, New Black presents the most influential products and design to inform and inspire both audience and industry.

    Our installations draw upon accurate and insightful societal shifts and translate the key drivers into stories, palettes and style profiles.

    Trade fair exhibits offer exciting new platforms for exhibitor products as our influential showcases provide a new context to promote and engage with selected designs.

    Installations are supported by inspirational seminars presenting the ideas and influencers behind the seasonal trends.